Differences between men and women

This week in Family Relations class we discussed the differences between men and women. The main focus was on the emotional, psychological aspect of it. I shall note some major differences that were pointed out.

One significant difference is that men area able to put their full focus on one subject at a time. When they are at work, they are mentally at work. When they walk through the door into home, they are mentally at home and don’t let work worries distract them. When doing an activity their minds are more on one subject at a time. For women it is quite different. They can have their mind on several things at a single time. This can be useful. While she is making dinner, she can keep track of her children and know what is happening around the house at the same time. This is harder for men to achieve, but it is possible. Women can also have their minds on one task at a time, but it takes more work.

Women are also more emotional based, while men are more physically based. Sometimes a man can get lost in a sea of emotions, when a women expresses emotional concerns to him. Know this difference can help the man more sympathize with the women. Thus making her happy.

These are typical differences. But I am not saying that all women and men are like that. It is just the average. Having a knowledge of some of the main differences between men and women can help each other better communicate.


Different Family Theories

There are different theories of how the family interacts with each other in their own family. There is exchange, symbolic interaction, conflict, and general ecological theory. Each theory has its own implications.

What I would like to focus on is the symbolic interaction theory. It is that every family has their own unspoken rules. We can all relate to that. Have you ever had a time in which you know to not speak of a certain subject in your family, because of how your parents react? There’s a responsible older sibling, the youngest is the clown of the family, there is a peace keeper. These are just examples. When you open our eyes and pay attention. You can know what role you may have. Having that knowledge empowers you and will help you solve family conflict.

The decisions a married couple may have when married in the first month and year

When a man and a women are newly married, the magical effects of the wedding are still looming. But they have to come down from the clouds sometime and face life together.

Huge decisions in a newly wedded couple are a part of life and they have to faced together. There can be struggles such as getting used to being around each other all the time, who does what around the house, big decisions to be made, where are we going to live. These are some decisions to be made in the first month. Some decisions to be made in the first year may include decisions about finances, holidays with which spouse’s family, educational goals, long term goals as a family, when to have children.

It is between husband and wife what decisions are to be made. These are critical decisions that would most likely affect the rest of their life together. If made together as based upon the principles of righteousness as found in the Holy Scriptures, and made in respect of the Holy Ghost they shall prevail and make the right choice in God’s eyes.  To be aware of these decisions is one of the first step to happiness as a family.

The Effects of Immigration on the Family

Have you ever thought what effect immigration has on families? This past week I read an article on why Mexicans immigrate to America illegally. They wanted to give their children more opportunities, to get ahead. But at what cost?

The father would usually be the first one to cross the border illegally. He would expect to be gone for roughly 6 months to a year. In most cases, the father was away for 3 years, because of the difficulty of crossing the border. Thus, their family back home would have no father figure figure for 3 years. Their teenage son didn’t have anybody to teach him how to be a man. That’s one cost.

When the father would get back, he would often be somewhat of a stranger to his family. After all he was away for  3 years, while the family grew together without him. His children often would respect mom more than dad, even when dad would try to take the paternal role in the family. For me, If that was me, I wouldn’t like that.

This is only toll illegal immigration would take. There are others, but we won’t speak of them at this time. In my opinion, why doesn’t the family immigrate legally? That way the father wouldn’t be away for a long period of time. Maybe it costs more money to immigrate legally, than it does illegally.

The decreasing of the population

In family relations class, this is the second week of the semester. For one of our assignments, we watch a documentary call “Demographic Winter”. The topic was on how the world’s population was decreasing. It was a wake up call for me. I didn’t even realize it was happening until I was informed. In the 1970’s and 80’s, scientist thought the world could only fit 3 Billion people on it. They were afraid we would use up the worlds resources. But now today the world’s population is 7 Billion people. More than twice as much as scientists feared. The main reason the world’s population is decreasing is because fewer women are having children. There is a fertility rate the population must be at or over in order to populate, most nations of the world are under that fertility rate.

One way to improve the world is to increase our human capital, in other words, the value each person makes. That way each person will put more worth to what he or she does. Productivity is a part of human capital. How productive are you being? Are you seeking to provide for your and other’s needs? If the world’s population would increase their human capital we can change the decrease in the population.

The documentary was very informative. I would encourage anyone to watch it. It is in two parts. The links to them can be found below.

part 1: http://www.byutv.org/watch/59b6b917-984a-478f-93b1-521a647779c4/new-economic-reality-demographic-winter-part-1

part 2: http://www.byutv.org/watch/b3dfa9f3-6e20-4d64-af96-fbf3fd64670a/new-economic-reality-demographic-winter-part-2

What the family means to me.

Elly and I at Virgil and Raquel's Reception I’m Garen Youngstrom. I am currently enrolled in a Family Relations Class at Brigham Young University – Idaho. I come from a family of 8. I have 5 brothers and sisters. I love my family so much. They are very special to me. At the end of the year of 2013 on December 21st, I had the opportunity to create a family of my own. I was married to my wonderful wife, Elly Youngstom. We are still happily married and renting a home in Teton, ID, which is about 8 miles north of Rexburg, ID. In this blog, my purpose is to write about my experience with the family and of what I learn in my Family Relations Class. In this manner I am able to facilitate my learning to have a great experience.