I remember my own parents and how much they mean to me. I love them so much and they way they raised me. They taught me valuable lessons and helped me develop valuable traits that will follow me through the rest of my life.

Parenting is a factor and determinate of your life. There are other bigger factors in life, but parenting shall suffice for this moment. By my description of my own parents setting me on the right path illustrates the importance of good parenting.

In a broad scheme of things there are four broad categories of parents. I will describe each in terms of comfort and rules. We each need these for healthy development. The four parenting styles are:

Authoritarian Parents: They have lots of rules and show no comfort to their children. They are strict and structured.

Authoritative Parents: These kind of parents offer rules and comfort. The rules are structured yet flexible. The children know they love them and want the best by setting rules.

Permissive Parents: These parents have no rules, yet offer lots of comfort. They lack strength and comfort.

Neglectful Parents: These parents offer no rules or comfort. There is no structure. They don’t mind to their children’s needs and often aren’t present in the children’s life.

As you can tell, the authoritative parent is the kind of parent you want to be. But we each have different tendencies and are more like other styles. It is possible to change.


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