The Effects of Divorce

The end of the semester is drawing nigh and this may possibly be the final post. I may perhaps post other family insights in the future though.

Divorce affects families and friends. It is a life changing experience and is a huge stress is the life of the children. There are many complications that come with divorce. Custody of the children can be difficult, the cost of divorce, etc.

The custody of the children is a huge stress. The children often travel between their mother’s home and their father’s home. If the parents show resentment for each other this carries over to the children and they often act as unintentional messengers of what the other parents says about each other. We children see their parents not calm and not getting along with each other (divorced or married) it act negatively on them. I often feel sad for those children that fall victims to the effects of divorce.

The cost of divorce is just something that I didn’t realize until it was pointed out to me. If the mother has custody of the children, the father has to pay child support to help support the children. This is huge expense to the father who has to pay for his own housing and living along with paying extra on child support. In a married family when the father provides for his family he is providing for himself. When the costs of himself and his children are separated it is more costly. Also, something to bring to mind is the average initial cost of divorce is $25,000 then over the next five years that turns in $100,000. This happens mostly because of child support and legal costs.

As you can see, it would be beneficial to never divorce, but to work it out. There are those situations in which it is dangerous and life threatening to stay together, then it would be possible to divorce, but those instances should rarely occur.


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