Family Crisis

Everyone has experienced a crisis at least once in their life. Crisis can be defined as danger with opportunity. Most of us understand the concept of crisis and danger. But we don’t always recognize the opportunity part of it. Have you ever seen the situation where after a huge crisis, everyone came together and got closer. That’s opportunity, without the crisis the opportunity to grow closer would not of happened. An example of this is the 9/11 attack. After that huge crisis the nation at a whole came closer together.

There are ways to cope when a crisis occurs. The best way is to face that the crisis happened, to go through the coping process, and to look to the future. However, people are people and sometimes do the bad ways to cope. These are:

Denial, which is not wanting to talk about the crisis or every acknowledge that it happened.

Avoidance, which is avoiding the coping process, not wanting to talk about it.

Scapegoating, which is putting the blame on others, which the others are the scapegoat.

Substance Abuse, which is self explanatory. The use of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs to cope.

I hope that by making people aware of these negative ways of coping that they will not do them. We each need to be mindful of ourselves and others when dealing with crisis and life in in general.


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