Four different kinds of love (according to the Greeks)

One week in Family Relations class we discussed the topic of love. Our professor pointed out that according to the Greeks there are four different kinds of love. There are storge, philia, eros, and agape. Each meant a different kind of love.

Storge is the kind of affection between parents and their children. I’m not a parent yet, but I can imagine that there is a bond of affection between parent and child. Any child can be loved by his parents.

Phlia is the kind of love that is between friends. It is the love in a friendship. This is the highest form of love. Friends have a close relationship. The are emotionally intimate. Sharing secrets and most things they have.

Eros is the passionate, erotic love between a man and a women. It is the desire to be sexually intimate with a particular person whom you love. It’s not just the desire, but the desire to be with that particular person.

Agape is the unconditional love. It is independent of a person’s feeling for one another, no matter what they have done. This love can also be described as the Christ-like love. It is closely related to storge love.

The kind of love that I want in my own marriage is all of them. I want to love my wife unconditionally. I want to be passionate with her. I want us to be best friends and do everything together.


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