When most of us think of fidelity we think of it in the context of marriage. Fidelity is when there is harmony between what is reality and what is actually occurring. Fidelity can also be applied to different situations. For example, it can be applied to music and pictures.

In music, fidelity means there is harmony between the sound and what is being recorded. In record players, there was high fidelity. What you heard on the record player was what actually happened. Music nowadays, doesn’t have high fidelity, it is digitized and cleanup up. You don’t hear the scoot of the chair or the breathing of the person playing the instrument.

In pictures, there can be fidelity. High fidelity in a picture is when what the picture is a picture of looks closely similar to the actual picture. That you almost can’t tell the difference between the picture and the actual thing.

Fidelity in marriage is when a man and a women are very close. They can have emotional fidelity, sexual fidelity and others. These are the two that I wanted to focus on. I want to be close to my wife emotionally. I want to have things between us that nobody else knows. Sexual fidelity is self explanatory. It is the main thing we think of when we think of fidelity in marriage. There needs to be sexual relations only between me and my wife and nobody else. With someone else would be breaking the law of chastity, a sin.

I wouldn’t feel secure around my wife I we didn’t have fidelity. We have a very close relationship because of it.


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